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The Library of Lost Books would not have been possible without the support and contributions of many individuals and institutions. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped make this project what it is today.

We are grateful to all who have advised us, provided feedback and supported us with research and documentation. In particular, we would like to thank the following people:

  • Emily Bilski
  • Sebastian Braun
  • Katharina Bawidamann
  • Axel Dossmann
  • Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
  • Malki Ehrlich
  • Gabi Elverich
  • Renate Evers
  • Rachel Freudenthal
  • Elisabeth Gallas
  • Philipp Grosinger
  • Martin Hampl
  • Anna Holzer-Kawalko
  • Meike Hopp
  • Caroline Jessen
  • Ro Kebar
  • Alfons Kenkmann
  • Clara Koser
  • Birgit Langenscheid
  • Rachel Lev
  • Sharon Livne
  • Martin Liepach
  • Guy Miron
  • Anke Münster
  • Malaika Muwanya
  • Anja Neubert
  • Lars Puls
  • Amos Raban
  • Meirav Reuveny
  • Dirk Sadowski
  • Orr Scharf
  • Christa Seidenstücker
  • Galili Shahar
  • Felix Steilen
  • Constanze Thielen
  • Jonathan Vogel
  • Shamir Yeger
  • Esther Zyskina
  • All the students who completed the course on German-Jewish history and culture at the School of History at Queen Mary University of London in 2022–23 and 2023–24.

The collaboration with our partners was the foundation of this project. Without their enthusiasm, our vision could not have been realized. Their tireless commitment to finding innovative solutions and overcoming challenges together has been instrumental to our success. For all this, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following institutions and their representatives:

  • Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Berlin State Library – Prussian Cultural Heritage), represented by Michaela Scheibe, Barbara Heindl and Regine Dehnel
  • Provenance Research office at the Freie Universität Berlin, represented by Susanne Paul, Marcus Dost, Ringo Narewski, Elena Brasiler and Lisa Trzaska
  • Neue Synagoge Berlin – Centrum Judaicum, represented by Anja Siegemund and Jess Earle
  • Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (ZLB), represented by Sebastian Finsterwalder and Stephan Kummer
  • Library of the Jewish Museum Berlin, represented by Elisabeth Weber
  • Library of the Jewish Community of Berlin, represented by Maria Iljina
  • University of California, Los Angeles, represented by Diane Mizrachi and David Myers
  • Jewish Museum in Prague, represented by Zuzana Pavlovská and Michal Bušek
  • Leo Baeck College London, represented by Cassy Sachar
  • Queen Mary University Library, represented by Katie Ormerod and Sarah Molloy
  • Wiener Holocaust Library, London, represented by Barbara Warnock
  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London, represented by Richard Espley
  • Senate House Library, London, represented by Andrea Meyer Ludowisy
  • University Library of Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, represented by Kerstin von der Krone and Daniel Dudde
  • Heidelberg School of Jewish Studies, represented by Angelika Stabenow and Philipp Zschommler


Special thanks go out to the museums, archives and research institutions that have provided us with images and textual materials. Their ongoing support and advice have been enormously helpful.


We owe a debt of gratitude to the Goldener Westen design agency. Their blend of creativity and empathy played a crucial role in transforming our vision into reality, matched only by their exceptional dedication. The team’s unwavering support and readiness to go above and beyond have been invaluable to us. We are deeply grateful for their collaboration and would like to give special thanks to:

  • Toby Mory – Project Direction
  • Emanuel Arndt – Project Design & Project Management
  • Francesca La Vigna – Project Management & Production Coordination
  • Erik Richert – Project Assistant
  • Angela Schulz zur Wiesch – Creative Direction, Design & Planning
  • Regine Hähnel – Creative Direction, Text & Planning
  • Felix Dorner – UX Designer (Database and Website)
  • Arne Keunecke – UX Consultant
  • Karolin Nusa – Head of Illustration
  • Dilara Schneider – Illustrator
  • Simone Tölle – Designer
  • Patrick Wagner – Designer
  • Jacopo Perico – Designer
  • Leo Rey – Head of Motion Design
  • Meng Chang – Head of Motion Design
  • Patrick Wolter – Motion Designer
  • Long Huy Dao – Motion Designer
  • Paul Herzberg – English voice actor
  • Ulrich Blöcher – German voice actor
  • Michael Chadim – Czech voice actor
  • Ofir Tal – Hebrew voice actor
  • Nikolaus Radeke – German voice recordings
  • Uwe Bossenz – sound designer


Our appreciation goes to the Bleech agency for their willingness to engage deeply with our project and find optimal solutions in website development to technically realize our vision.

We would like to thank:

  • Markus Müller – Project Manager
  • Gülriz Egilmez – Project Manager
  • Mykola Chernyshevskyi – Developer
  • Eugene Poltoratskyi – Developer
  • Veton Siqani – Developer
  • Harun Bašić – Developer
  • Manos Menexis – Developer


Our content in various languages testifies to the excellent work of both our translators and editors. Thank you to:

  • Alice Riegler – English translations
  • Jake Schneider – English translations
  • Jonathan Nieraad – Hebrew translations
  • Skrivanek sp. z o.o. – Czech translations
  • Amy Asher – Hebrew-language editing
  • Martin Brablec – Czech-language editing


This project and its many additional components would not have been possible without the financial support of our sponsors.

  • Our gratitude extends to the EVZ Foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) for supporting the Library of Lost Books within the scope of the educational agenda on Nazi injustice.
  • We are grateful to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) for its sustained support of the Leo Baeck Institutes’ work.
  • We would like to thank the Axel Springer Foundation for supporting social media training sessions for our past volunteers and interns.