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Here you will find everything you need to start searching for books, to integrate the online exhibition into your lessons or to report on the Library of Lost Books.

Book hunting supplies

We’ve got all the support you need for your book search. Our detailed checklist gives an overview of all the telltale clues you might find in a book from the Higher Institute for Jewish Studies. Our list of lost books includes the titles of books that the institute library is known to have owned. You can also familiarise yourself with our list of the subject areas that were the focuses of the library’s collections. Equip yourself before you embark on your search for lost gems!

Teaching resources

For teachers, here is a selection of learning units for the 15+ age group that directly relate to our online exhibition. These materials give your students a variety of ways to engage with the content, from researching biographies to designing their own bookplates, regardless of whether they participate in the book search project itself. You are welcome to download these lesson plans and incorporate them into your classes.

Press kits

In this section for members of the media, we have compiled all the relevant informational resources in one place. Right here, you will find all the support you need to report on our project and describe it in detail, from press releases to high-resolution photos to background information.