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Type Related Event Categories Related Event Places
11145 J.F. Gleditsch Institution Publishing Place Leipzig, Saxony Germany 2024-05-12
11143 Lichtenstein, Max Individual Pre-Place Berlin, Germany 2024-05-12
11123 E. Hadamard Individual Publishing Place Metz, Grand Est France 2024-05-12
11117 Library of Czech Academy of Sciences Institution Today Prague Czechia 2024-05-12
11083 Ghetto-Zentralbücherei, Theresienstadt Institution Crime Scene | Depots Terezín, Czechia 2024-05-06
10774 The Cummings family Individual Post-Place Los Angeles, California United States 2024-04-18
10770 Bamberger & Wahrman bookstore Institution Post-Place Jerusalem, Jerusalem District Israel 2024-04-18
10765 Yaʻaḳov ha-Leṿi Individual Publishing Place Istanbul, Turkey 2024-04-18
10672 L. Badt Individual Publishing Place Dresden, Saxony Germany 2024-04-14
10670 Lehmann, Emil Individual Pre-Place Dresden, Saxony Germany 2024-04-14
10606 Kroch, Hans Individual Post-Place Jerusalem, Jerusalem District Israel 2024-04-14
10604 Andreäische Buchhandlung Institution Publishing Place Frankfurt, Hesse Germany 2024-04-14
10538 Libreria Matteuzzi Institution Publishing Place Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Italy 2024-04-14
10471 Libraire Victor Lecoffre Institution Publishing Place Paris, Ile-de-France France 2024-04-14
10467 Strack, Hermann Individual Pre-Place Berlin, Germany 2024-04-14
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