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ID 7724
Author / Editor Unknown
Publishing Year 1784
Published by Daniel Christoph Kanter
Today's Owner Leo Baeck Institute New York
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Editing Status In Progress
Last Edited 2023-12-11
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    1. Published in 1784 by Daniel Christoph Kanter in Königsberg

      Year 1784
      Location Kaliningrad Russia
      Category Publishing Place
      Owner Kanter, Daniel Christoph
      Digitizer(s) NA
    2. Acquired by the Hochschule between 1872 and 1942

      Year 1872 - 1942 ?
      Location Berlin, Germany
      Category Hochschule
      Owner Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums
      Digitizer(s) NA
    3. Abducted by Nazis in 1942

      Year 1942
      Location Berlin, Germany
      Category Crime Scene | Berlin
      Owner Deutsches Reich. Reichssicherheitshauptamt Bibliothek
      Digitizer(s) NA
    4. Salvaged after WWII

      Year 1945 ?
      Location NA
      Category Post-Place
      Owner NA
      Digitizer(s) NA
    5. Transferred to LBI New York

      Year NA
      Location New York, New York United States
      Category Today
      Owner Leo Baeck Institute New York
      Digitizer(s) NA