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Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft des Judenthums

ID 8789
Type Institution
Related Event Categories Pre-Place
Related Event Dates 1928 - 1938 ?
Related Event Locations Berlin, Germany
  • Jewish scholarly society in Berlin, Germany, 1902–1938. The primary objective of the Gesellschaft was to raise the level of Jewish academic scholarship, thereby earning the respect of disenfranchised Jewish intellectuals and Christian Protestant scholars alike. As Jewish theology was not a recognized academic discipline at German universities, the founders attempted to create a financially viable forum for Jewish scholars to conduct research and to publish their works. The immediate incentive for the establishment of the Gesellschaft was the unequaled success enjoyed by Harnack’s Das Wesen des Christentums and the perceived inability of the Jewish scholarly community to counter his unfavorable portrayal of post-biblical Judaism.

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