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Bamberger & Wahrman bookstore

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Related Event Locations Jerusalem, Jerusalem District Israel
  • “The Bamberger & Wahrmann bookstore, founded in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in 1921, relocated to Jerusalem in 1933, became the leading Hebraica and Judaica bookstore in Israel in the early 1950s. It acquired its iconic cultural status both through its association with I:Iayim Nal;tman Bialik, pub-lishing the jubilee edition of the poet’s works in 1923, and through the quality of the catalogs it produced for the antiquarian book trade. The intellectual elite of the young State of Israel met at the store on King George Street; David Ben Guri-on and Itzhak Ben-Zvi were among its customers.”

    Kohn, Roger. 2008. “No Disneyland: Biography and Bibliography of Rabbi Shimeon Brisman (1920-2004)”. Judaica Librarianship 14 (December):57-79.

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